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Long Island Wine Tours

When many people think of New York, they think of the city- all the ritz and glamour associated with the Big Apple. Long Island, however, offers a great deal of its own attractions. Those attractions include some of the region’s premier vineyards, and Long Island wine tours are becoming more and more of a promising day trip as more people learn about the hidden treasure that is Long Island’s wine industry. If you’re looking to take on some Long Island wine tours yourself, ride in style and comfort- ride with E-Cars!

E-Cars’s premier service is well suited for a day or two of driving from one Long Island vineyard to the next, and for longer trips as well. Our fleet of luxury vehicles is diverse, and includes the following:

  • Stretch limousines

  • Lincoln town cars

  • SUVs

  • Taxis

  • 14 passenger vans

This diverse fleet of vehicles means that we’re ideally suited to taking you and your party out to Long Island for a day of wine tasting, touring, and sampling, since we can accommodate a large variety of parties. Whether it’s a small group of four enjoying a quiet day of wine tasting or a wedding party of fourteen looking to have a great weekend trip, we’ve got your ground transportation needs covered.

At E-Cars, we also pride ourselves in our flexibility and commitment to addressing your needs. Did you decide you like one vineyard better and want to stay longer? You can do it. Do you want to switch up your itinerary? No problem. Our drivers and staff are trained to handle your needs, and we do our best to accommodate you. We even offer itemized billing to help settle accounts- everyone knows what was used and where it was used, making for easy accounting at the end of the trip!

A Long Island wine tour is a great way to spend a day of your weekend- or even a whole weekend! If you’re thinking about taking a leisurely tour out to the Long Island vineyards, make sure to go with E-Cars. With over 40 years in the business, we know how to give you great ground transportation services- we’ll take you to your wine tastings in comfort, style, and elegance. Don’t waste your time with inflexible car services with low availability- get the ground transportation you deserve. Get E-Cars.

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