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Limousine Services

At E-Cars, we’ve had over 40 years of experience in hiring out limousines for all sorts of occasions, and one of the most important things we’ve learned in our 40 years is that every customer is different: no one has the same transportation needs- in fact, no one trip has the same transportation needs! As a result, we’ve made our service the ultimate in flexibility and comfort. Do you need a limousine at 4 AM for your wedding party? Done. Is your business team flying out from JFK in the afternoon? We’ve got you covered. No matter what your needs might be, you can be sure E-Cars will meet them quality service and customer interaction.

E-Cars has worked hard to make the E-Cars name synonymous with excellence, and here are just a few of the different services you can expect from us when you hire us:

  • Commitment to detail and schedule- on-time, every time, with the limousine and features you need

  • Safe, comfortable, reliable transportation- whether it’s from the Hyatt to the Horizon or from Club 13 to downtown

  • A driving experience uniquely tailored to you and your party

At E-Cars, we’re more than just a transportation company. We know that other limousine services will pick you up from point A and drop you off at point B- but anyone can do that. Not everyone can offer a driver with a smile, a driver who knows the fastest routes to your destination. Not everyone can offer a new, reliable limousine with added features showing up at your doorstep at the moment you needed it.

That’s what E-Cars really stands for- we don’t just get you from point A to point B. We offer a full transportation experience- from the moment you pick up the phone to your final drop off, you’ll experience E-Cars’s quality limousine service. Don’t just get transportation- be transported. Call E-Cars.

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