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Sweet Sixteen

A sweet sixteen party is a very important part of any girl’s life: it’s one of the first parties she’ll have that introduces her into the role of an adult, and its role as a coming of age event is an important one for many people. Sweet sixteen celebrations are tough to plan, so don’t let ground transportation planning get in the way of all the other different parts of the celebration that you have to plan. Let E-Cars take care of all your ground transportation needs!

At E-Cars, we’ve been taking care of ground transportation for celebrations like sweet sixteens for 40 years. We know all the different kinds of celebrations that sweet sixteens can entail, and we know the unique difficulties that each one can present; that’s why we’ve made sure that our experienced, professional staff is ready to handle any ground transportation needs and hurdles that might arise! When you call E-Cars for your sweet sixteen, you can rest assured of the following:

  • Ability to transport any size party- from large formal affairs to small, intimate family events

  • Flexible transportation arrangements- we can transport to multiple locations, or in different vehicles

  • Drivers who are on-time, every time

  • Safe, reliable, elegant transportation for your entire party

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