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Professional E-Cars Services Nyc
E-Cars Services Nyc

About Us

A premiere New York City transportation provider, E-Cars is proud to have served the tri-state area for over 20 years. Our trained professional drivers are committed to the highest level of safety, while our customer service representatives provide top tier treatment at every turn. Punctuality and safety go hand in hand at E-Cars, and our passengers have come to rely on us in order to travel comfortably and on time.

And with our easy-to-use online reservation system, arriving on time and unstressed is simpler than ever. By prioritizing your convenience, we’ve established E-Cars as an industry leader among our valued clients. From large group outings to airport transportation, our trained and licensed drivers are always on hand to make your travel dreams a reality. Our huge client roster turns to our dependable limo service again and again for all their wedding, corporate retreat, and celebratory transportation needs. At E-Cars , we guarantee affordable and safe travel, with none of the hassle usually associated with driving in New York.

E-Cars is a duly licensed company with the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).

E-Cars is incredibly diverse, we employ a dispatching staff that speaks Spanish, French, Russian and Mandarin and Cantonese. When customers request service they can be reassured a language barrier will not preclude the service in anyway. The staff receives direct training from the senior executives and they are also evaluated constantly on customer service. We believe there is always room for growth and improvement in the realm of customer service and will not stop until the customer is satisfied.

We also boast a technological advantage over our competitors. All of our vehicles are equipped with Mindseye Innovations ® tablet software. This GPS and two way communication device not only allows direct contact with our base and bi-lingual dispatchers but it also offers five meter resolution GPS tracking . This tracking allows us to pin point the location of our drivers and communicate in real time with clients. This technology also allows clients to pay directly with their credit/debit cards. Our
corporate clients also enjoy the ease of our voucher system.

“All drivers are required to be present 15 minutes prior to their requested appointment time”

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